2015 NFL Playoffs – Who Opens For Coldplay – Carolina, Denver Get Gig

Coldplay AMA

(Image Credit RollingStone.com)

Coldplay announced yesterday they will be embarking on a football stadium tour in support of their new LP “A Head Full Of Dreams” in what you can be sure is no coincidence whatsoever…and the punch line is this football stadium tour will end in early September at Levi’s Stadium, the home of Super Bowl 50.

The band will be able to use headlining the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show in order to practice for their tour. Well played, front man Chris Martin. NFL/Coldplay corporate synergy. Wouldn’t expect anything less…

Speaking of Chris…he’ll be appearing on CBS’ “The Late Late Show With James Corden” the week before the Super Bowl to do some “Carpool Karaoke,” a segment which has become somewhat of a viral hit from what I understand. (It’s possible some who weren’t so happy with Coldplay’s selection to headline halftime would have even settled for James Corden singing Karaoke as an alternative)

You may have heard by now the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will open for Coldplay at Super Bowl 50.

They’re scheduled to provide the encore as well…that looks to be a safe bet.

For those who might be unaware you can bet your hard-earned money on just about anything associated with the Super Bowl. The length of the National Anthem. The result of the coin flip. I suspect you’ll also be able to wager on what song Coldplay opens with or even how long they’re on stage before being joined by others. That all-important point spread for the contest right now seems to be fluctuating between Carolina -4 ½ to -5 ½. Therefore, the possibility exists if you are so inclined you might be betting on a line of exactly 5 points.

Some betting trivia you can impress your Super Bowl partiers with if that’s the case…in all the NFL regular-season games played this season on only 10 occasions was the final margin of victory 5 points. Furthermore, in 49 Super Bowls played only one ended in a victory margin of 5 points…that would be Super Bowl XVI where San Francisco defeated Cincinnati 26-21. Trivia that will be less impressive to pass along to your pals is that game is the only Super Bowl my wife and I were unable to watch together. I had to work…she did see the game.

I’ve been alive for all the Super Bowls and remember most all of what happened during them…even the one that involved Country Time Lemonade, grain alcohol, an extra large trash can and a tennis racket.

However, you might be surprised that for this football aficionado the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are quite tedious. I have always been a big fan of playing the Super Bowl the weekend immediately following the Conference Championships. Teams have momentum off their playoff runs. Players also have less time to stay stupid things, get arrested, etc. I literally have to step away from all the coverage until the pre-game show on Super Bowl Sunday because it’s just too much overkill for me. I’ve seen the teams play all year. No one is going to give me any more insight. My mind is made up…how this will go down. (Prediction in a future post…)

I do keep a keen eye on injuries…and on Monday Carolina’s star LB Thomas Davis had his broken right forearm opened up wide on an operating table. A plate was inserted and attached to his bones with screws. He still plans on being at and playing in the Super Bowl. Hey, this guy is the only NFL player I know of to ever recover and return from three ACL tears. He’s a very integral part of a very stout Panthers defense and you can count on him being at Super Bowl 50.

After all…you didn’t think he would miss Coldplay, do you?


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26 Responses to 2015 NFL Playoffs – Who Opens For Coldplay – Carolina, Denver Get Gig

  1. Laura says:

    I’m not a big football fan, so I could be wrong, but isn’t it unusual to have a 5 point spread? Well my thoughts have already turned to baseball 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is Laura. Rumor has it the bookies in Vegas won’t be pleased if it stays at a “middle number” like 5 instead of 3 or 7 points. As for baseball I’ve got thoughts coming soon on that for sure. 🙂


  2. cause nothing says football like Coldplay. 😉

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  3. I hate the circus the Superbowl has turned into. The Superbowl and I are exactly the same age, so I don’t remember all of them. However, I do remember when it was more about the game and less about the “show.” Looking forward to your predictions. I have real mixed feelings about who to root for.

    Looking forward to March Madness! Go Villanova!

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  4. Super Bowl has become oddly like the Houston Rodeo – a concert with a circus and some athletic events of skill briefly featured. At least ALL the rodeo ticket money goes to scholarships once the rent is paid…and all the employees are non-salaried volunteers (Oh, I know – all those good things/public service/foundations/photo ops the individual players, do)
    Final Four opens here day after rodeo closes. The hype here (and call for volunteers) is already building.
    Hear the big betting is on whether the new Clydesdale foal Matt will be in the commercials.
    Love your last line
    (and injuries. Will Denver make us crazy at the last 10 minutes of the game as they have all season? Will players sprain ankles dancing along with Cold Play and Beyonce?)

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    • It sounds like the Houston Rodeo does resemble the Super Bowl as currently constructed. You know I was just having an early dinner with the wife and ESPN was on the TV in the restaurant. Yaak, yaak, yaak about the stupidest stuff. And I’m actually a football FAN. I can’t imagine what the heck people who HATE football go through. That almost sounds like a worthy post in itself. What DO people who HATE football go through during these two weeks. You know I had forgotten the Final Four is in Houston this year, April 2 and 4 at good ol’ NRG Stadium. Most in attendance will be watching the game on monitors like we at home, but I digress. Yes, the wife commented she is expecting the new Budweiser foal Mac to make it to a commercial. (That’s the safest bet of the week)

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  5. Bahaha! But I’ll still watch most of it!

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  6. SportsChump says:

    Was really hoping to read the news that Coldplay was questionable for the Super Bowl.

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  7. Deb says:

    I watch the other form of football-soccer. Now if we had Coldplay playing before a game..that could be something!

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  8. Looking forward to it Deb. Enjoying your blog as well!


  9. Troy Sparks says:

    I have a feeling Denver is going to grind a win out. That defense is nasty and their offense, while not a high volume one, can put on a technical show. Looks like the bookies have Carolina as big favorites, though.

    I just don’t know what it is about the Panthers, but I don’t trust them! Yes, I know they could very well blow Denver, but if Denver gets to Cam early and forces a close game into halftime, then what? I’ve looked at Denver’s schedule this past regular season and they’ve grinded out close games all year long. They’ve been there and done it. Going to be quite interesting.

    By the way, Bruce, look out for Death Wish Coffee! I’ve been supporting this small business for a little while now. They won a contest to have an ad made, featured and sponsored in a commercial for this year’s Super Bowl, and I’m pumped for them. Yes, the name is definitely, “Death Wish Coffee”, and their tagline is, “World’s Strongest Coffee”. OK… OK… I know, it sounds incredibly gimmicky, but their product is good. I normally don’t like dark roast coffee. Most of it tastes ridiculously bitter (albeit there’s some I do like), but DWC is smooth despite being strong in flavor (with chocolate and cherry notes). Ahh, I don’t mean to use your place as a platform for ’em, but the moment struck me. I love supporting businesses that are well run and ones that care about its customers (their customer service is top notch). I keep meaning to write about them before the weekend is here, but I haven’t had a chance!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well Troy, that was quite the endorsement for “Death Wish Coffee.” Hard to say no to at least giving it a try. If they’ve got a spot in the Super Bowl I hope they are ready for the explosion of interest and orders! As for your comments on Denver winning the day I’ll be offering my thoughts in a day or so. Indeed, Carolina is up to a 6 point favorite now. Lots of Panther people.


  10. Belinda O says:

    Apparently, I’ve been following LifeAttitudes but not SportsAttitudes! Sorry it’s taken me this long to figure this out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, Belinda! Yes, as I’ve noted previously had I been starting blogging today the first thing I would do is not have my WP name the same as one of my two sites. It has been almost a user-by-user education as each reader finds out I have two separate blogs. The most important thing is you landed here eventually. Happy to have you along for the ride on both!

      Liked by 1 person

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