Time For A New Start

New StartMy (latest) sabbatical from blogging apparently has come to an end.

For readers within the sound of this post…if you have visited here before welcome back. If not…hello, nice to meet ya.

Let the record show an absence of over eight months from this site…nine from my other.

I can’t claim to have been overly obsessed with work. I’ve not been working for two years since resigning my Supply Chain position to – in part – better assist with family health issues. (Sidebar…the fellow who waits on me at Dunkin’ Donuts asked me the other day if I was retired. Didn’t know how to answer him. I may be but just haven’t been formally notified yet. I did have an interview a month ago. Of the five people I met the interaction with the initial person is the one worth noting. Question from him – “Our VP can be pretty rough on employees at times…how would you handle someone like that yelling at you?”)

I’ve kept busy however. Up at dawn daily to Uber the wife to and from her work. Shop. Wash. Clean. Fix. And…continue to try to figure out the next (final?) employment scenario. I know I’m not alone in the journey. And, so many others are far less fortunate than I.

Relocation is potentially on the horizon…but what clearly is in view is another wacky Northeast Winter. Sooooooo…I thought I would hunker down and fire up the blog (blogs?) once more.

I will say this. If I did this again I would have created one blog. The original intent was to have a secondary location for non-sports stuff. I am well aware a lot of folks simply don’t pay any attention to sports. I consider myself pretty well-rounded and that includes not taking sports too seriously. (Sidebar…just heard the Mets re-upped slugger Yoenis Cespedes to a contract guaranteeing him north of $100M…and some of the New York media immediately, openly wondered if he’ll give maximum effort now that he owns a max contract. Yoenis’ situation aside that’s the kind of story we usually see shortly after many athletes cash in…which is but one reason why none of us should ever take sports too seriously…especially their coverage.)

But more heartfelt posts about sports are surely forthcoming. Sports remain an over-sized part of my life even if I view them with ever-escalating arched eyebrows. They aren’t what they used to be but I still can’t call it a day…even if they were surely better back in the day.

That being said I am looking to bring over the non-sports side of myself. I will definitely reblog some prior, time-proof posts to shamelessly take full advantage of this site’s “wider audience.” (Sidebar…pretty easy math…a dozen readers are twice as many as a six-pack…)

Followers…thanks so much for sticking around.

New readers…thanks so much for sticking the landing.

Hope you’ll all stick around.

Time for a new start.


About sportsattitudes

I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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42 Responses to Time For A New Start

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Welcome back, Bruce. Thought of an idea —– NOW is the perfect time to transition yourself into one blog …. just pick one and go from there.

    Yes, I see your Mets are trying to stay strong … which is better than the alternative that I deal with.

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    • Thank you Frank. The “plan” (ha!) is for this site to stay open for biz while the other goes into a suspended animation/hibernation of sorts. Sometimes I admittedly would get too caught up in trying to balance posts out in the past. Best they reside in one locale I suspect. We in Philly are quite jealous of the roster our “brothers” to the north have put together. We both share a rooting interest in the “have-nots” these days don’t we?

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      • aFrankAngle says:

        Oh my …. sorry for accusing you of being a Mets fan! Have-not land is no fun. Reds are frustrating. There are reports of them talking trade for Billy Hamilton to “restock the farm.” … Hey 1) Who has been in charge of doing that? 2) What drained the farm? – certainly not winning!

        Meanwhile, suspended animation is a good term for the other blog.

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  2. susurrus says:

    Wishing you lots of luck!

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  3. Meg Sorick says:

    Glad to see you Bruce! Sports and life: bring them together!

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  4. Lisa A. says:

    Welcome back, Bruce! It’s nice to see you back! How about them Cowboys? 😁

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    • Hi Lisa! As soon as I saw you had left a comment the FIRST thing I thought of was the Cowboys. I think the Eagles might have had them had we not made a couple of questionable coaching decisions. That being said Dallas seems to always find a way to close the deal each week. Enjoy!


  5. Belinda O says:

    Glad you’re back!!!!!

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  6. Welcome back and I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving alongside the family ? Bruce, say it isn’t so ? The Pirates want to trade Andrew McCutchen ?

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    • I don’t know what is happening on the other side of our Commonwealth but I was quite surprised to see the Bucs supposedly willing to deal Andrew. The Phillies have too many missing pieces to get the most from him. Philly isn’t ready for a player of his caliber…yet. Had a great T-Giving and hope you did also.


  7. Welcome back.. I have to admit I’m not a big sports fan but enjoy hearing your opinions on life in general. (and sports are a part of life for many.)

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  8. Nice to hear from you again. Personally, I love what you have to say, but sports are not my thing. I vote for 1 blog only.

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  9. I’m glad you’re back, Bruce! But, of course I missed your take on my Cubbies fabulous year 😉

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  10. spearfruit says:

    Welcome back Bruce, I am pleased to see and hear from you again. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. Stay warm in the next few months and once again welcome back. 🙂

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    • Thank you Terry. Good to hear from you. Clear and crisp today. Starting to see some snowflake symbols in our two-week forecast. Of course…who has a wider allowance for accuracy than our weather people? We shall see. Look forward to sampling more Spearfruit.

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  11. SportsChump says:

    Um… I was promised donuts.

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  12. Samantha says:

    Welcome back, Bruce! Sorry I unfollowed you, but I try to keep tabs on activity (something about being OCD-ed and neurotic and stuff). Having said that, I am VERY pleased to see you back on WP!! 🙂 Hope things will work out for you and that the winter won’t be as tough as you think 🙂

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    • Samantha, thanks for the welcome, the follow and the kind thoughts. I’ve been doing some re-following as well because of my inactivity. I had a blog back in 2007…deleted it in 2009. Started up again a year or so later – two blogs mind you – and I think I’ve taken these “walkabouts” away from blogging three times since. Let’s see how long I last this time! 🙂

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  13. George says:

    So very glad you’re back, Bruce and more importantly, I hope things are well on the family front. Looking forward to read wherever your words and thoughts take you..:)
    Stay well.

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  14. Don’t give up. You are, after all, The Bruce. Besides, consider that we are in a technological version of the Industrial Revolution….personal reinvention has to be second nature these days. Methinks your answer might well lie in your passion for sports…have you turned over every sports rock? I am thinking you belong there professionally… follow your heart. Money is supposed to follow, but even when it doesn’t, it sure isn’t everything.

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  15. Steph McCoy says:

    Bruce, it’s so good to have you back. I checked periodically on both sites for any updates.

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  16. erinb9 says:

    I feel ya on this. I recently stopped writing my blog for a few weeks and now I’m all behind and trying to catch up with everyone. You’re supposed to carve out a blogging niche, but sometimes I veer off into talking about animals or history or any of a bunch of other interests, then briefly start a new blog on the topic… but one blog is time-consuming enough!

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    • Erin, I’ve fought that self-imposed “schedule” feeling for as long as I’ve been blogging. I take frequent breaks…some for months…from both writing and reading posts. Feels right to me. Write and read others’ writing when I am really motivated to do so rather than because I feel I have to. That being said when I do “return” I try to catch up with reading prior posts as best I can…and thanks for dipping into the “archives” here!

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