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March Madness – Married To The Mayhem

(Image Credit Wunderdog.com) The recent theatrical release “Table 19” opens with Anna Kendrick as a former maid-of-honor, recently fired from that role but invitation still in hand…questioning whether to RSVP to the wedding-in-question. She eventually makes the most of her invite … Continue reading

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March Madness Is Survive And Advance – Luck Doesn’t Hurt Either (Quote Me)

(Image Credit CBSSports.com) People attribute quotes to the wrong individuals. It’s not a deliberate, malicious thing. History often plays with our memories. Individually. Collectively. I believe the phenomenon is known as the generation of misattributions. (I don’t know who said … Continue reading

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Amherst College – Mascot For Hire

(Image Credit MassLive.com) Our friends at Amherst College, according to the Associated Press, are currently window shopping for a new mascot for their institution of higher learning. The trustees there believe using “Lord Jeff” as the unofficial/official mascot has now created … Continue reading

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